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The Hemp Boom with Raw Marketplace

Joheem Loh started the Raw Marketplace and it is growing to be the largest hemp marketplace in a world right now this within few months! What we want to do is create an efficient have marketplace to allow buyers and sellers of hemp to communicate to connect much easier. That's important because you want to start creating more meaningful connection and the connections that you make that is particularly interesting and meaningful for the hemp industry so that's that's role marketplaces for him industry and is to create meaningful connections I've been following the cannabis plant hemp for quite a number of years and it is has so much medicinal benefits and it has been being you know, fully talked about represented and it has and a bad rap for many, many years. But I think it's time for the hemp plant to come out of the shadows.

Hemp such a great product. It's been underrepresented and there is so much momentum in hemp today and it has so much benefits for the users. So what we've also been very interested in is the growth of hemp industry in the last few months especially since the Farm Bill ack bypass and which make the cannabis plant particularly for the CBD product under 0.3% THC. That's legal nationwide. So that's very exciting movement for not just for me, but for the entire industry. We started off representing farmers because we saw the need and there's lots of people have stores and you can buy and products but very few people represent the farmers so that's how we start to give farmers a platform to share seed oils, flowers, and they saw the need and they were successful in finding buyers through the platform.

And from there, the market demands there is all market driven the market say, Hey, what about the oils? What about the extract? What about services? So we've added that. And then recently, I think in the last few days, there's interest in finished products. So we're going to continue to grow the site is a place for you to list your products. So the biggest function is to create a list of products show people who you are so that you know people who are interested in your service or your product could find you easily but this is just a start the beginning of the vision that we have.

Basically like everything you want to know from growing from extracting from even why CBD is important, we want to be able to create a Knowledge Center for hemp, right? So basically bring everybody who's interested in the hemp plant in one place.

If you're a farmer come to raw market dot place and if you have a flower that you want to list see that you want to list just go ahead and create a listing. And then people we have over a million page views last years so people will communicate we’ll reach out to you and and you get emails and you will get people that are interested in your products bias. So at the end of the day, the message is very simple connect buyers and sellers.

At the end of this video, click on this button and you can go create your listing. Thank you.

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Transcribed by Otter.ai


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