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Full Spectrum Hemp Products by Q Sciences®

Q Sciences provides a full line of wellness products, a culture of caring and a business opportunity that together make up the Science of Happiness: our formula for greater health, prosperity and well-being. When people begin the Q Sciences journey, they quickly notice a transformative shift in how they feel in their everyday lives. Products are all third-party tested and verified for quality control.

FUSE Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Try the new calming hemp oil, Cinnamon or Mocha flavored oil dropped that is fully water-soluble to integrate into you body faster and more efficiently.

RENEW Intensive Roll-on

Get this intensive delivery of healing Hemp oil straight into your skin. This product works even faster than the cream for body pains, muscle aches, on joints, arthritis, and more.

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RENEW Micro-Infused Cream

The new pain relief micro-infused cream for your body pains, sores and muscle aches. A topical cream to carry with you everywhere for minor or major skin irritations and issues.

Q REST Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Get this seven day trial especially formulated for restful calm sleep! Get full spectrum U.S. sourced organic hemp oil dropped that is fully water-soluble to integrate into you body faster.


RELAX Intensive Roll-on

Q Relax Intensive Roll-On is a concentrated full spectrum hemp oil blend. Providing a synergistic entourage effect, while promoting restful sleep and relaxation.


EXCEL Recovery Cream

A a rich recovery rub formulated with a proprietary full spectrum hemp oil. Providing a synergistic entourage effect, as well as a soothing sensation to problem areas.


Karen, is a former high school English teacher, who spent 19 years sniffing out ‘weed’ in her classroom. 🙊When she was approached about hemp oil as a solution for her migraines... she wasn’t open-minded.
She was misinformed. “Not in MY house!” She was SO wrong. Thanks to Q SCIENCES’ Hemp products - with <0.03% THC, Karen is now getting relief from her painful migraines and getting better sleep. And as a weight lifter, she no longer gets that post-workout soreness and fatigue... What is most impressive and inspiring for her, Hemp is a POWERFUL💥anti-inflammatory. Karen has lost more loved ones than she cares to count to disease and cancer (including her late husband)
— Karen, mom and teacher
High-stress Silicon Valley engineer, Rob takes hemp oil daily for all of the above PLUS its anxiety/stress calming effects 🧘🏼‍♂️ Hemp is also full of heart-healthy Omega 3s and the anti-inflammatory properties have allowed him to get back into running every day WITHOUT joint pain!!!
— Rob, engineer and runner
Karen’s ten-year-old, son Jack suffered a sports spinal injury last spring with 5 migraines per week ... for 8 months. From the very first dose of Q Fuse Hemp oil, the migraines were G O N E.! Jack is now over 2 months migraine FREE with just 0.5 ml of Hemp oil daily dose! As an athlete and theater performer, the anti-inflammatory properties of Q Fuse oil will keep Jack performing at his top potential.
— Jack, athlete and performer


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