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We’re a passionate collective of founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are open to pushing the limits of what’s possible. People deeply committed to something larger than ourselves and committed to supporting you… yeah you! Basing in beautiful Santa Cruz supports a healthy lifestyle and drives work goals in an environment of natural beauty among a ‘woke’ community!
We believe the popular ‘hustle’ ethos is just one important part of living our balance on the edge. Hustle alone is not enough and your deeper beliefs, new habits and bold actions are what can make the biggest changes in your life. Zen is all around us and we can embrace this moment now, being mindful with tangible new actions each day.
If you are truly committed to growth, success, efficiency and massive productivity then reducing overwhelm, stress, and fears are your personal roadblocks to surpass. We’ve got your back and know you can do it… we’re here to support you!

Never let anything limit you from what you so desire and who you really are.



Jared Brick • MBA, father, explorer, creator, founder

Zen Hustlers
GRYP Media
Blockchain Media
BigFeet book
Brick House Media Co (parent company)


Zen Hustlers HQ
101 Cooper St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Based at NextSpace Santa Cruz, coworking space


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