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Overcoming Stress & Taking Risks (video)

As founders we are often caught in a viscous and dangerous cycle of intense stress, feelings of overwhelm and then afraid to take new risks! This is our achilles heal as it will limit our potential for growth and impact.

We founders, entrepreneurs and professionals need to find our own balance on the edge; so we can continue to be productive, inspiring, motivated and driven to take new bold risks. If we become blocked by our fears [false evidence appearing real] only then will we truly will fail at our goals.

If you are like me, you do not like to fail and see each opportunity as a growth moment. Being an entrepreneur is a personal journey as much as a business venture. We have to continue to grow personally and professionally in order to meet and exceed our goals.

I know you can do it and we got your back.

Let us know how you are tackling your fears?

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