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Five Day Flow Challenge - Flow Genome Project

The Flow Genome Project invites you to join their upcoming Five Day Flow Challenge. A high-paced 120 hours to gain more focus, clarity and time in the zone.

For Flow Fundamentals alums, this is your chance to dust off your dancing shoes and get back into the game (and also drop some hard-earned knowledge to the new folks just coming on board). For Flow Hackers that haven’t yet had the time or resources to jump in with both feet, here’s the chance to dip your toes and test the water!

In this challenge, you get a chance to test-drive the foundational Power Hour that sits at the heart of our most impactful professional trainings–60 minutes spread through your day that when combined, boost your chances of getting into the Zone by over 76%. Think about it: One hour out of 24 to almost double the time you spend feeling and performing at your best. Pretty good ROI (return on investment). For one week, you'll dedicate 4% of your life to a world wide community of like-minded folks. Cheering each other on, asking questions, celebrating triumphs and disasters, and creating habits that are neuro-scientifically designed to last a lifetime.

At the end of the Five Day Challenge you will:

1) Know exactly how much sleep you need (and have been getting) and the top five tips to ensure deep cycle recovery when you snooze (plus the research behind power naps)

2) Have rocked our "300 workout" that eliminates back pain, strengthens glutes, legs and core, and keeps you healthy with no equipment, even while traveling with no more room than a yoga mat

3) Have massively boosted your productivity by learning how to define and defend your first 90 minutes of maximum focus–never let a day slip by without getting your most important sh*t done again!

This challenge is just the tip of the iceberg of everything you'll learn in our 6 week digital training–Flow Fundamentals–and you get to check out the foundational practices of the program for free, on us. If you don't like it, the worst thing you've done is learn some research-backed tips and tricks for living a little larger that you can take with you. But if you are fired up by how much of a difference you can make with only 4% of your time (that Power Hour every day), then consider this your hero's Call to Adventure, and the start of a journey into a life lived large.

"Life is a daring adventure," Helen Keller once challenged, "or nothing at all."

So come on and join us on this Five Day Flow Challenge, we dare you!

Jamie and the FGP Team

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