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Arturo Mendoza • ZEN Hustlers Profile

Name: Arturo Mendoza

Age: 30 

Companies: TrueDark Mx + Biohackers Mx + Finca el Péndulo 

Roles: Head Strategist + Co-Founder + Director 

HQ city: Guadalajara, Mexico

Website: milanpremen.com + truedark.mx + biohackers.mx  

IG social: @ darealmilan

Fav tag: #contribution

Email: arturo@truedark.mx + contact@milanpremen.com 

Where is your favorite place to visit in the world and why? 
Pune, India because of a Meditation Resort that changed me and my approach to Life

Who do you want to meet and why?
Naveen Jain. Because of his Moonshots mindset and the way he is encouraging and executing strategies for a Global positive change 

Who did you want to meet and why?
OSHO. Because it is thanks to him that I understood that Spirituality means going with Life and not against it, meaning embracing life as opposed to neglecting it. 

How does your work fulfill you, your purpose in life?
By contributing to something much greater than the idea of “me”. My purpose in Life is being a positive agent of change on a massive scale while remaining present to every moment I get to experience in this life.

What are you reading right now? 
Moonshots by Naveen Jain. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Game Changers by Dave Asprey and Now Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck. 

What are you watching?

What do you do to fully relax?
Different meditation techniques, read, listen to podcasts, “spiritual” talks, and music.

When are you most in flow, productive, and energized?
When I write, when I’m involved in a creative process (wether a business plan, strategy, poetry or playing an instrument) when I’m fully engaged in a conversation or listening to something that resonates with me. 

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness? If so, how?
I play with different techniques, Osho active meditations, yoga, mindfulness practices watching the breath and/or the body, laying still accepting everything as it is and lately a technique called Noting. 

Who taught you how to hustle?
My parents mainly though I think it’s always been a part of my identity. 

What keeps you up at night (or troubles you) in the world? 
The broken system we’ve unconsciously created and the crooked et of incentives that direct our behavior. In addition to getting impatient (from time to time) regarding how can I contribute to accelerate the process of positive and lasting change. 

Do you exercise?
I do Crossfit, strength training, HIIT, and yoga

What communities inspire you?
The Biohacking Community, the Moonshots Community, the Abundance 360 Community, Flow Genome Project Community, the Zen Community and lately (for real) The Zen Hustlers movement

Are you more Hustle or more Zen lately?
I feel well balanced at the moment though if I had to choose I’d say a bit more Hustle at the moment.

What would you do if you did not do your existing work/business?
I’d be traveling the world and learning from everything around me, or I’d be employed in a company that would truly inspire me and allowed me to contribute to the fullest of my potential 

How do you define a good work/life balance, and how important do you think it is?
I would say enjoying everything that you do in such a way that there isn’t a conflict between what you do, who you really are and what it’s your purpose in Life. I know out of my own experience that is hugely (if not the most important) important. By this I mean whatever that balance looks like for you in a way that you’re healthy, in the present moment or in flow, being productive, grateful and connected. 

Are you married, with kids? Has this affected your balance?
I’m in the process of getting divorced with no kids. Speaking in existential terms no, because balance comes from our inner individual integration of life’s events so if something external toys with it then it isn’t rooted deeply yet. But on a practical level of course life is challenging and unpredictable so on that dimension I’d say yes it has and it has also taught me the most valuable lessons. 

What is some advice you would give to new or struggling entrepreneurs/hustlers that seem out of balance and on the edge?
You are the highest priority because it is your life and nobody can nor will live it for you. Realize that everything is temporary, give it your best and let go of the rest. Reflect on your fears, desires, ambitions and priorities to understand if they’re really yours and if they’re not let them go. Breathe and listen to your body, read, learn and apply the knowledge don’t just accumulate it. Be grateful for everything that you already are and learn to accept reality as it is. 

What advice would you tell your younger self?
This too shall pass, enjoy & trust the process

What is one issue you are out to change in the world?
Personally the total acceptance of reality as it is.  Professionally the execution of a Moonshot to understand our complexity deeply, our relationship to the Planet and the Universe in practical actionable ways available to everyone. 

What is your favorite quote, mantra, motto?
The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death 

What does and ideal world look like to you?
A world where we’ve recognized our true nature. Filled with love, compassion, adventure, creativity, flow, peace, freedom, respect, abundance, technology and unity. 

What’s your moonshot (aka largest dream or goal in life)?
My moonshot is to empower massive positive change for the betterment of our global existence and our relationship to the Universe far beyond any known boundaries in coherence with our limitless potential. This means merging science, technology, spirituality, AI powered by human intelligence, ancient and modern wisdom.

What positive change do you want to see in the world in the next 10 years?
The use and applications of AI for the improvement of our human experience beyond its commercial applications, the beginning of real solutions powered by technology as well  to nurture, heal and ultimately restore our Planet.

What do you fear the most? Is it real?
I fear failure to actualize my potential as a human being. On a large scale I fear global destruction or the consolidation of Nationalism or gigantic Companies with seemingly limitless power to control the rest of the Globe.  On that note fear is never real but a projection or the mind. Regardless of the object of fear. 

Whats’ your greatest resistance?
Taking massive action due to paralysis by analysis. It is also the aspect in which I am currently working on the most and feeling quite happy with the progress. 

How would you spend $1 Billion dollars
I’d invest most of the money on the creation and support of technologies to solve the largest problems that we currently face. Healthcare, scarcity, pollution, global warming, education, and  I would aim to create the evolution of money. I’d spend massive amounts to create the basis of a new global system beyond nationalism to promote true world cooperation. 

What’s your most valuable relationship and why?
The relationship with myself (this might come off wrong) however my answer still stands. If we have a healthy relationship and understanding to ourselves then everything else that comes from that place of self knowledge is much healthier, intelligent, creative, loving, mature and whole. This is something I’m continuously working on, because by doing so I am able to improve ALL of my external and also highly important interpersonal relationships. 

Your last 2¢? 
And my understanding of it means living fully, joyously, responsibly, aware, lovingly and in a continuous state of curiosity, of not really knowing because in fact it is impossible to know and that fills me with awe and fuel to give it my best everyday.  To me this quote sums up the way that I want to live.

Life is either a daring adventure or its nothing at all.
— Hellen Keller

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