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Working as a guard in a men's maximum-security prison for over 20 years will take an extreme toll on you -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. The kind of toll even retirement and a comfy pension can't fully alleviate. That's why Sheila of Grants Pass, Oregon, is so grateful she found Q Sciences products.

When first introduced to Q Sciences, Sheila was interested in the stress relieving hemp products first. A close friend shared her Q Sleep spray, which could be considered a godsend to someone who hasn't slept more than two hours straight in some time!

Now, Sheila praises the Q Fuse Hemp Oil for helping to alleviate her symptoms of stress and anxiety. Although the stress and anxiety from her career in the prison system will never leave her alone completely, the full spectrum hemp oil calms her nerves and allows her to relax -- even fall asleep. That's not the only remedy Sheila has found… she feels better than ever during the daytime too!

Sheila is also trying out the Q Trim and Q Align products, then signed up for a membership at the local gym. Hesitant because of the aches and pains she'd accumulated throughout the years at her previous career, she decided to commit to changing her life through better health and fitness. Nearly two months in, she's lost 15 pounds and sheered 12 inches off her waist. But to Sheila, nothing compares to the way these products have made her feel, reducing inflammation in her joints -- the same joints that made it difficult to do much physical activity at all just a few months prior -- and taming her eating habits, while blocking carbs.

Sheila is not taking her personal wellness journey and turning it into a successful side hustle business, as an Ambassador with Q Sciences!


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