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Brandon Peele - Zen Hustler Profile

Age: 42

Company: Brandonpeele.com

Titles: Author, speaker, leader

HQ: Berkeley and soon San Diego, CA

Web: http://planetonpurpose.com


Where is your favorite place to visit in the world?
North Beach in San Francisco.  It’s the last scrap of the old SF left.  A really soulful, authentic corner of an otherwise over-run yuppie playground.

Who do you want to meet?
Bill Murray, I think he might be spiritually enlightened, given his choices such as, What About Bob? and The Razor’s Edge.

Who did you want to meet?
Hemmingway - the amount of raw human suffering and grit that flows through his prose is an inspiration.

How does your work fulfill you, your purpose in life?
My purpose is creating a more purposeful, just, abundant, fun, sustainable and prosperous world. I do that through awakening individuals, organizations, and cities to their higher purpose. I love the feeling of having guided someone on their journey!

What are you reading right now?
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible by Charles Eisenstein
The Sacred Science by Nick Polizzi.

What are you watching?


Get on Purpose

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What do you do to fully relax?
Workout, eat a big meal then nap.

When are you most in flow, productive, energized?
Connecting with colleagues on accelerating the purpose movement, public speaking.

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness?
Morning prayer, meditation, chanting and vision board ritual.

Who taught you how to hustle?
My pops, I’ve never met a more disciplined, driven man.

What keeps you up at night?
How to create greater coherence within the purpose movement, wedding planning, finances (there’s never enough - I’m working on this limiting belief).

Do you exercise?
Everyday, a mix of weights, yoga, and swimming.

What communities inspire you?
The Global Purpose Leaders, 100+ colleagues moving this work into every sector of society.

Are you more Hustle or more Zen lately?
Hustle, I just launched a book I’ve been working on for 4 years.

What would you do if you did not do your existing work?
I’d like to be the Human Potential Czar of the United States, oversight of the Dept of Education, FCC, FTC, HUD, NIH.

How do you define a good work/life balance, and how important is it?
First, I think is essential to do important work that is the deepest expression of my soul, make time in the morning for contemplative practice, reading and writing.Work out every day. Punch out at 7. Have a scotch and fool around with my fiancee.


Are you married? With kids? How has this affected your balance?  
Married to a badass... also a Zen Hustler.


What's some advice you would give entrepreneurs/hustlers that seem out of balance?
Find your higher purpose before you do anything else.


What advice would you tell your younger self?
Travel more, study the humanities and world religions, set firm boundaries with parents.


What is one issue you are out to change in the world?
Bring purpose into every building on Earth.


What is your favorite quote, mantra, motto?

Live deep enough and there is only one direction.


Your last 2¢?
Make sure your career is something that forwards the human condition.

Brandon is the author of Planet on Purpose (2018) co-author of two previous books, Purpose Rising (2017) with Bill Plotkin, Ken Wilber, Dustin DiPerna, Duane Elgin, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Ervin Laslzo, and The PURPOSE Activation Blueprint (2015) with Chris Kyle. As a leader of online purpose courses, Brandon has guided thousands of people from over 50 countries to awaken, ignite and embody their life’s purpose.  

Brandon has guided professionals and executive teams from organizations such as The Smithsonian, Apple, Yale, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, the EPA, Morgan Stanley, the United States Marine Corps and Google, as well as Catholic Priests, Dalai Lama Fellows, and world-class scientists, athletes, musicians, and artists.  

Brandon has taught and lectured at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley and his work has been featured in numerous media outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, The Week, Conscious Company Magazine and TechCrunch.  He earned his MBA at Columbia Business School in New York City and lives with his wife, Stephanie, in Berkeley, California and moving to San Diego, CA!