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Casey Neistat says... 'Do What You Can't' (Video)

Who says you can't?

Casey Neistat, a Youtube video creator with now over 10 million subscribers (not views, subscribers). Shares why you need to say F*ck that and go for it!

ABOUT CASEY: Hi, I live in New York City and love YouTube. some

FAQs Q. what'd i shoot that with
A; BIG CAMERA; http://amzn.to/1MIJUGK
WIDE LENS; http://amzn.to/1VCtBhS
SMALL CAMERA; http://amzn.to/1MIJWyj
MICROPHONE; http://amzn.to/1Sl6ZMG
OTHER MICROPHONE; http://amzn.to/1MIKa8E
DRONE; http://amzn.to/1Sl75Uq
OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great); http://amzn.to/26lwt

Q. where did i go to film school
A. never went to film school or college

Q. what's that crazy space where i'm working in a lot of the videos
A. that's my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don't live in this space, just work. My new space is 368 on Broadway in NYC.

Q. what do i edit with
A. final cut x. i don't love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software

Q. someone asked how old i am
A. i'm 35. well for now i am. i was born in 1981 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own