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Paths to Purpose Models with Brandon Peele



The Methodology of Creating an Ensouled Life

Five models to guide you as you step into an ensouled life

by Brandon Peele

Ensouled Life, Purpose Guide, Author, Speaker, Shambala Leader

MODEL 1: The Four Truths of Higher Purpose

The Four Truths of Higher Purpose declare what is possible for every human on earth, to realize the scientific benefits of purpose.

Purpose stages 1.png

MODEL 2: The Stages of Purpose Development

The second model is "The Stages of Purpose Development", which explores the four types of relationships people have with their life's purpose, from having no relationship to your purpose (Stage 1 - Employees / Consumers), to simply declaring one (Stage 2 - High-Achievers), to having a higher purpose, (Stage 3 - Purpose-driven Leaders) to fully embodying your higher purpose (Stage 4 - Industry Leaders).  Purpose work focuses on helping people move from stage 2 into stage 3.

stages of purpose 2.png

MODEL 3: The Purpose Tree

The third model is The Purpose Tree, which offers a high-resolution understanding of the ten aspects your soul's purpose.  A high-resolution understanding of your soul's purpose grants you the clarity and confidence to take bold action and be fully self-expressed.   he foundation of your purpose is the tree’s root structure, containing the immovable, ever-present, unseen elements of your purpose, your deepest sense of identity as an individual (core and virtues).  As the tree ventures upwards and the branches venture outwards, you increasingly express the bold, active, and declarative parts of your purpose, how you answer your call, craft your vision and focus your actions towards a desired impact.  These are the unique ways your purpose interacts with, contributes to, enjoys and is rewarded by the world.  All of these sit within your narrative of life (story) and your understanding of how the world works (worldview). 


purpose tree.png

The 10 Aspects of the Purpose Tree

  1. Call - what most breaks your heart in the world, what most moves you to sadness or anger, the emotional pain in the world you recognize from your own life and pulls you into action.

  2. Vision - your picture of the world perfected, the most evolved expression possible for humanity.

  3. Powers - your natural, full-level gifts, talents and strengths that make an enormous contribution to yourself and others.

  4. Craft - your life's work, your opus, your genius, the unique way that you transform others and will spend your remaining years mastering and developing, the heart of your true calling and profession, relying on a number of your core powers.

  5. Flow - the activities that bring you most into the present moment, activities where you lose self-consciousness, experience incredible immersion and fulfillment and are fully inhabited in your body.

  6. Mission - your near-term goal, the single most important thing you must accomplish now, to be followed by many more missions once complete.

  7. Virtues - the enduring principles, standards, values and ideals for which your life must be known, the guidelines by which you answer your call, realize your vision, perform your powers and craft and achieve your mission.

  8. Core - your most essential qualities, the natural, effortless radiance of your being, who you are without doing anything.

  9. Story - the overarching narrative of your life, including your hardest fought battles, most important lessons, your failures, challenges and victories; your personal mythology, the empowering narrative that ties your whole life together.

  10. orldview - the broadest and most elegant understanding of reality you have, that constrains and confine the scope and scale of the other 9 aspects of your purpose.



  • The Purpose Tree contains a vertical tension along the trunk, creating an upward pull of increasing energy and movement from above by The Call/ Vision and generated from below by your Core/ Virtues. 

  • The Purpose Tree also contains a creative vs. receptive horizontal tension.  On the left are the more creative and ascendant aspects of purpose.  On the right are the more receptive and inscendent aspects, what Thomas Berry refers to as “inscendence” a going within and fractally inhabiting of one’s life from a place of soul.

The Purpose Tree is a revised, revisioned and augmented version of the Purpose OctagonTM, created by the Founder of the Purpose Guides Institute, Jonathan Gustin. 

MODEL 4: Obstacles to Higher Purpose

The fourth model illuminates why it's hard to hear and act upon your higher purpose.  Tim Kelley's 2009 book, True Purpose, created a pathway to overcoming internal resistance to hearing and acting upon your higher purpose.

obstacles to purpose.png

MODEL 5: The Four Phases of Purpose Discovery

The fith model demonstrates the four phases of moving through a purpose discovery program; this model was originally articulated in Tim Kelley's book, True Purposeand owes a great deal to Jospeph Campbell's "hero's journey".

In the first phase, you develop an awareness of your impact on others, insights they have about your soul's purpose, the moments in your life that have been the most purposeful, and a vision for your life on purpose.  

In the second phase, you develop tools to remove the internal resistance you have to discovering, embodying and living your purpose.  This does two things: 1. it clears the channel to receive deeper soul purpose information (third phase) and 2. empowers you to overcome resistance as you bring your purpose into the world and ensoul your life in the fourth phase.  

In the third phase, with much of your resistance cleared from the channel, you can now receive deeper insights about your soul's purpose.  

In the fourth phase, you harvest and integrate the wisdom you've received by reformatting your life with your soul's purpose, and moving your purpose out into the world via a purpose project.