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Lisa Brick - Zen Hustler Profile

"Deep and authentic dialogue allows me to provide this support one human being at a time" - Lisa Brick

"Deep and authentic dialogue allows me to provide this support one human being at a time" - Lisa Brick

Age: 64

Role: Owner + Life and Divorce Coach

Power & Purpose Coaching + Journey Beyond Divorce

Homebase: Morristown, NJ

Web: www.powerandpurpose.net , www.jbddivorcesupport.com

Facebook: @journeybeyonddivorce

Favorite place to visit in the world and why?
Natural environments on every continent.  Living, breathing, moving in areas that have been the least disturbed invigorates my spirit.  

One person you want to meet?
Each person I meet.

One person you wanted to meet?
No one in particular.

How does your work fulfill you, your purpose in life?
Supporting personal, societal, and planetary health and wellness is my passion.  Deep and authentic dialogue allows me to provide this support one human being at a time.  Each human being is connected to a vast network of life. Change one human being and the network changes.    

What are you reading now?
"A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles

What are you watching?
Looking forward to new next season of Game of Thrones!

What do you do to really relax?
Physical activities in the natural world, reading, baths, making love.  


When are you most in the flow?
When I am rested and clear.  

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness?
Yes, we have a meditation room.


Who taught you how to hustle?
Movement and activity intentionally and consciously directed is my definition of “hustle”.  I watched people who were accomplishing things I respected and copied their approach. It’s the same way I taught myself to swim!


What keeps you up at night?
Great conversation and when the stars are too beautiful to close my eyes


Do you exercise? If so how?
Yes, every way I am still able to: walking, hiking, biking, swimming, weights, yoga...


You can’t be conscious and intentional if you are out of balance!
— Lisa Brick

What communities inspire you?
Communities that create increase the level of well-being locally and globally. Too many too list.


Are you more Hustle or more Zen?

What would you do if you did not do this business?
Another “right livelihood”. 


How do you define work/life balance, and how important do you think it is?
Work life balance is when my activities are balanced with stillness. Without work/life balance I contribute to disharmony, not matter what I think I am doing.  


Are you married? With kids? How has this affected your balance?
I am married, 30 plus years.  My “kids” are now “adults”. My love is always with them.  My kids were indicators of my balance or lack thereof and continue to aid my awareness and evolution.  


What is some advice you would give to new or struggling entrepreneurs/hustlers that seem out of balance?
Slow the fuck down. If it is worth doing it is worth doing consciously and intentionally. You can’t be conscious and intentional if you are out of balance!


What advice would you tell your younger overworked self?
If no one will suffer or die if you don’t get whatever it is done by the time your energy is spent stop and recharge.  Ultimately you’ll be far more effective and give and receive more joy by being alive.


What is one issue you are out to change in the world?
To increase the capacity among human beings  for loving kindness and compassion. That will do wonders for all of the issues.   

Parting quote...

When I say it’s you I like, I’m talking about that part of you that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever see or hear or touch. That deep part of you that allows you to stand for those things without which humankind cannot survive. Love that conquers hate, peace that rises triumphant over war, and justice that proves more powerful than greed.
— Fred Rogers


Lisa Brick's fascination with how life works and her deep yearning to understand how to make the most of the opportunities it offers began as a young child sitting on a glacial erratic in the backyard of her family home watching an airplane pass overhead high in a brilliant blue sky. It was at that time she began to feel the amazing creativity of which human beings are capable. 

Over the past four decades this desire led Lisa into the study and practice of acupuncture and an exploration of practices that result in high levels of wellness, success, and creativity. Since 2010 she has dedicated her professional life to opening her clients’ minds to different and more rewarding approaches to navigating their lives. Her expertise in coaching developed over decades of working in the field of holistic health, her involvement as a leader in the Charter School Movement, courses at Landmark Education and IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), and years of meditative practices including tai chi, yoga, and sitting meditation.

Lisa coaches to optimize potential and to more fully enjoy the journey of life. She’s worked with illustrators, authors, fine artists, designers, musicians, business owners, CEOs, sales reps, and healers. Having had the experience of dialysis and a successful kidney transplant herself, Lisa has been a motivational speaker at the Transplant Center of Barnabas Medical in Livingston, NJ. She is the founder of Unity Charter School in Morristown, NJ and a partner in the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey and Journey Beyond Divorce, a coaching firm focusing on divorce, divorce recovery, and creating healthy, sustainable relationships.