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Koichi Naruishi • ZEN Hustlers Profile

Name: Koichi Naruishi

Age:  49

Company: Resonate Wellness

Title:  Multi-dimensional Chiropractor

Homebase city: San Diego, CA

Web: Facebook Resonate Wellness @ reson8wellness

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Favorite place to visit in the world?

Oahu has been a magical place for me in the past.  There was a feeling of home, culturally, and maybe because of the way I looked I felt welcome.  I love the food, I love the fact that you don’t have to tell someone to take off their shoes when they walk in, I love coming out of the ocean helps me feel more of my masculinity!

One person you want to meet?

I’d love to be in the presence of the Dalai Lama.

One person you wanted to meet?

I’d love to meet my paternal grandfather and get his story, his struggles, his personal victories.

How does your work fulfill you and your purpose in life?  

It just does. When I look back at my life, it seems like I have been lead to opportunities that naturally guided me to where I am today.  When I am in service, whatever I may have been going through melts away and I get to watch wonderful things happen.

What are you reading now?

The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba (link to book below)
Mr. Ueshiba founded and developed and taught Aikido.  Aikido uses the opponent’s force against them to disable them.

What are you watching?

Outlander.  I love Ronald Moore’s work and of course Bear McCreary’s music, especially when it has bagpipes.

What do you do to really relax?

Physical activities and being in nature.  I think being around redwoods really bring a form of quietude from within.  I have been surfing lately which usually brings a sense of peace. Getting “entrained” by my Network Spinal practitioner.

When are you most in flow?  

Last time was when I was in the water and followed my gut to where I thought I should be had enough momentum synchronize with the wave and drop in for a sweet ride.  Most in flow when I am embodied and present. This usually happens when I am working with people on the table and I can feel, hear or see what needs to be acknowledged at the moment.  Now it seems to be seeping into other areas of life!

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness?

I don’t have a formal meditative practice where I sit down and spend time. I practice mindfulness when I can and even when I fail to. Sometimes I’ll be mindful even while commuting and connect in.

Who taught you how to hustle?

Many, many teachers and lots of failures.

What keeps you up at night?

When I know I’ve been an asshole to someone I love and have not acknowledged it yet.

Do you exercise?

Basic stuff to keep my shoulders and legs in shape for surfing.

What community’s inspire you?

Gosh. There are so many people that are interesting and inspiring in most of the communities I have been with. There are some online communities that center around business, in-person communities like my son’s little league families, or the group of healers I associate with, and a couple local San Diego surfing communities. Some inspire hustle and make me feel my uncomfortableness around triggers, some inspire kindness and neighborliness, some help me to remember who I am and what I am here to do.

Are you more Hustle or more Zen?  

I think I might be more Zen.

What would you do if you did not do this business?

I have no idea. Probably be an engineer, ha ha ha.

How do you define work/life balance, and how important do you think it is?  

That question makes me cringe because sometimes one gets in the way of the other and you have to choose one over the other and let the other one go sometimes.  I think it’s important to be okay with letting one go for a certain period knowing the other will swing back.

Are you married? With kids? How has this affected your balance?

I am married with kids. My dad recently died and my mom had a bad brain trauma and it has put the whole question of balance in a small box. Do I still get pissed if I can’t get what I want done by the time I want done? The answer is yes, sometimes.

What is some advice you would give to new or struggling entrepreneurs/hustlers that seem out of balance?  

I don’t have any advice but to take the knocks right now. Your life will be out of balance and you still got to keep making it work.  And you will crash sometimes. That’s when a community that knows you is important. Not to help you solve your balance problem for you but to just be there for you. Let your life teeter totter from work to personal and back again. Find your rhythm and if you can embrace the shit out of it.

What advice would you tell your younger, overworked self?

You can’t get good work done when you are tired, so take a hot bath and get you ass to bed.

What is one issue you are out to change in the world?

Personally, I am out to catch myself when I start to beat up on myself or blow my top when I am triggered with family issues.

Your last 2¢?

I’d buy some bubble gum with it.

Bio: I am husband to a wonderful wife and a father of sassy and energetic boys (now 9 and 12).  About four years ago we moved to San Diego from the Bay Area to be closer to family.  In the Bay Area I had the opportunity of working with individuals and families from all walks of life to empower them in their healing journey for about 15 years.

My own healing path started when I was chronically ill with eczema and asthma when starting when I was three years old.  The medications were making me worse.  When my mother found our family chiropractor, he adjusted my spine, diet, exercise, supplements, and life to the point I no longer had asthma and eczema!

It was not until my twenties I realized how fortunate I was and decided to dive into the mystery of the body, mind and spirit and attended Life Chiropractic College West.  Looking forward to getting to know you and assist you in your very own healing journey!

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