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Truly Change Your Life with Hemp Oil Products

Sheila was working as a guard in a men's maximum-security prison for over 20 years, that will take its toll on anyone -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. The kind of toll even retirement and a cozy pension can't alleviate. That's why Sheila of Grants Pass, Oregon, is so grateful she found full spectrum hemp products. Read more…

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Five Reasons To Stop Saying Your 'Busy'

Can you count the number of times you've heard it -- or variations of it? "I'm slammed." "I'm underwater." Everyone seems so frenetically busy, piling and piling and piling on more things to do. Now, when I'm told I'm "so busy," I smile because, though I used to be one of those always busy people running a nonprofit and being a mother, these days, I'm living on purpose. Read more from Maimah…

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The one life purchase that defines your values, priorities and commitments

How can one large luxury item purchase inspire others, motivate your contemporaries, and also move us towards a more sustainable future? What we buy defines our external commitments, our inner values and represents our true lifestyle.

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The 7 Types of Meditation + Intuition Training from Mindvalley

Did you know not all meditations are created equal, although all provide some benefit to your mental state and life. If you are not already meditating and learning to control your random often negative thought patterns, living in the past and feeling overwhelm you are slowing slipping. Read more…

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Zen Hustler lessons from the ‘A Store Is Born’ film

The new film, A Star is Born, tells the cautionary tale of a hustler musician played by Lady Gaga seeking to step into the spotlight. Bradley Cooper directs his first film and plays a beaten down sage zen musician living out of balance addicted to drinking, drugs and self-abuse. Many of the deeper meanings from the film mirror our ethos at Zen Hustlers. Enjoy the film and read on…

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Tips for a Calm Mind and Balance

Saying ones healthy doesn’t just represent the presence of some diseases it altogether mentions the well-being of your mental health. One of the main keys for a healthy and long life is being mentally healthy and constantly stable. Read more…

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Overcoming Stress & Taking Risks (video)

As founders, entrepreneurs and professionals we’re often caught in a viscous and dangerous cycle of intense stress, feelings of overwhelm and afraid to take new risks! This is our achilles heal as it will limit our potential for growth and impact. Watch this video about how to tackle it and find balance on the edge.

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The Ultimate 'Zen Hustlers' 24-Hour Daily Schedule

Many of us possess old beliefs that limit our thinking on strict routines, strong habits and daily patterns to feel more controlled and less free. Recent studies have shown that the more positive habits you adopt the more you will feel in control of your life, and hence experience more freedom in other areas! We have compiled a variety of leading life hack suggestions and also from our own personal testing to formulate these habits as ZEN Hustlers. Enjoy the ride…

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Paths to Purpose Models with Brandon Peele

The ensouled life is a purpose-driven career you love.  It is creativity, passion and impact.  It is soulful and emergent romance.  It is abundant living, with nourishing food prepared with care and creativity and enjoyed in community.  It is fun, musical and sensual.  It is experiencing, honoring and sharing the full spectrum of your experience.  

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