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The 7 Types of Meditation + Intuition Training from Mindvalley

One of the Biggest Breakthroughs in the Human Mind

Post contributed by Mindvalley

Did you know not all meditations are created equal, although all provide some benefit to your mental state and life. If you are not already meditating and learning to control your random often negative thought patterns, living in the past and feeling overwhelm you are slowing slipping. Everyone from global CEO’s, to world-class athletes, musicians and business professionals, as well as, parents, schools and kids are leveraging meditation in their lives.

Below is an overview of the seven types of meditation and a video on the power of intuition from Mindvalley, the originator of this post. So take some time today and meditate… your mind and future self will thank you. Enjoy.

By 2038, Intuition will be part of most school curriculums and a common training protocol in most Fortune 500 companies. Our children will be learning to access altered states to draw onto sources of knowledge beyond what we now understand as the brain. And CEOs and executives will be trained to tap into such states to source ideas, creativity and better ‘gut’ instincts.
— Vishen Lakhiani


1. Creative Visualization

Commonly used to visualize goals and scientifically validated for performance improvements in sports.

2. Directed Healing

Can be used for energy work. Doctors sometimes call this ‘imagery therapy’.

3. Intuitive Meditation

For tapping into intuition/inspiration. This is often about entering theta levels of mind and drifting off into semi-sleep to access intuitive thoughts.

4. Shadow Work

For healing past issues, forgiveness and inner-conflicts.

5. Connection Meditation

For connection between two or more people, in compassion or for connection to higher power (unification).

6. Re-Programming

Used for programming past beliefs or breaking undated behaviors. Many personal growth meditations fall here.

7. Passive Meditation

Breathwork or focused breathing. Clearing the mind. More hermetic and eastern practices.

Bonus: Delta Level Access

This is a more controversial meditation technique designed to tap into specific states of mind accessible only during sleep. Unlike the 7 other techniques above - this has not yet been validated by any science and thus we are asking participants to have an open mind when approaching this.

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